Friday, September 21, 2012

A conversation with myself

Two weeks (3 papers, 4 researched discussion postings and 14 responses to others' postings.  seriously.  I counted) left in class 2.  10 classes left after that and then 18 months in the Master's program (oh what have I gotten myself into!) and I will be done with school in this lifetime (When I say 'lifetime' it doesn't seem quite so bad.  Maybe I'll miss it?                       Nah.).  I had another MS exacerbation at the beginning of class 1 (I think I already wrote about that) and most of the symptoms went away (Either that or you're dragging your leg again).  Did I mention that I got an A on the last 2 papers (100%'s. Not bad for an old bird)  and an A in the last class (98.37%.  Damn!  You have to remember to look for allllllll of the gramatical errors.  Thank the gods that blogs aren't required to have APA format!)  I'm not really bragging.  More surprised than anything (You think?  Beating yourself up over every paper doesn't tend to bring out the best in you.  How do you spell insecurities because I spell it L I N D A)

I am spending a hell-a-cious amount of time on school stuff.  Up at 5 and at it almost all day. On the days I don't work I try to go for a walk for a break (after you spend 30 min deciding if you can 'do' the walk.  Worst case scenario is that you turn around, dummy.  And just how many times in the past year have you not been able to complete a walk anyway?  ZERO times.  Get over it). And on the days I work, I work at the paper for a bit before going into work, print it off and work on it during down time at work, come home and type in the info/corrections while I eat dinner and try to connect with Terry.  Today is a day off and the goal is to complete 2 responses and get a rough completion of this week's paper so that I can edit it tomorrow and submit.  Sunday we are driving down to Terry's parent's house and I'll have 5 hours each way to connect with the hubby (what you should really do is print off the discussion questions for next week and do them in the car so that you can sleep unto 6am all week!).  If I'm done early enough today I hope to get my little garden weeded and some of the seed planted (tick tock baby.  seeds needed to be in 2 weeks ago). Remembering how yummy that lettuce was (and how convenient it would be to not run to the store for lettuce) is one of the motivators for cutting this post short at getting back to work on that (bloody) paper.

I've missed all of you and hoping that I can get caught up with your blogs soon (fat chance of that if you're going to whine about 'only' getting a 98.37%).

Somebody shut her up, will you?


  1. Hey you nice to see you back I was wondering how you were going, stay in school :)

    love Sharron xoxo

  2. Congratulations on your A's! Nice to see you're keeping in touch. Stay well - remember how important is to try to rest!

    1. you are obviously enjoying yourself!
      tee hee