Tuesday, July 24, 2012

This old house - update

I can't figure out how to upload the photos that were emailed to me but you get the idea.  This is some of the stuff that had to be hauled out.  Add many more bags, a couch and chair and mattresses.  The front door was kicked in as was the beautiful bathroom door. Tiles around the bathtub broken and/or removed. They drilled holes in the refridgerator and then punched dents in it. They left . . everything.  Food, clothes, furniture, toys.  Everything.  And everything with syrup on it.  Syrup in the stove and fridge. 
Let me say right now and to all of blog world - I have the most amazing friends and family to have taken care of this for me.  I will never be able to repay this debt.  Not ever.
Pat has repainted the trim in the livingroom while Ella and my daughter-in-law Heather have tackled the kitchen.  Zach repaired the tile in the bathroom.  Terry has done . . .everything.

There haven't been any more phone calls or text messages from the FORMER tenant since this morning.  Amidst the obscenities and screaming she told me I should be grateful [GRATEFUL!] that they didn't do more damage and that I deserved everything they did to the apartment and more. 
I can't wait to play that for the judge  :-D


  1. Lovely family and friends, making the bad good.

    What is wrong with some people, I will never know, drilling holes in a fridge??

  2. Update on the update - the claim was denied by my insurance because the police say it's civil and not criminal :-( I don't understand and flucuate between being really really mad and sad and tearful. Glad I got called off work for the day either way.
    The question is - do I just let it go or pursue this in Small Claims Court? I'll never see any money out of it and there's a good chance they will both go to jail. If that happens then what will happen to their kids? If I let it go then am I just 'passing the buck' to the next landlord?


  3. What a dilemma, I wish I knew the answer and I wish you didn't have to answer the question in the first place x