Sunday, July 29, 2012

Super glue

Well, I guess I shouldn't have been surprised but it caught me off guard again - another exacerbation. My leg has been wonky these past weeks but I was unable to move toes Thurs and the trigeminal neuralgia reared it's ugly head.  Stress will do that to ya.

Terry is back in Illinois handling the physical aspect of the eviction.  Lots of hard work that is almost done. Painting, cleaning, and LOTS of minor repair.  The good news is there was less major damage than we first thought AND I had saved enough scraps and pieces of wallpaper that Ella was able to repair what those horrid people had destroyed.  That and super glue :-)  :::shaking head.  Terry and his super glue:::  Funny thing is if I had been there I would have fussed and taken it down and started over. Terry squirted super glue in the appropriate places and spread it back into place.  Wall paper paste wouldn't hold it but super glue did.   End result is exactly the same, I just would have made it harder.  And more expensive.  Super glue hadn't even crossed my mind.

My daughter-in-law reports how much more peaceful it is with those horrid people gone for 5 days.  My step-daughter reports how excited her mom [Terry's first ex-wife] is to live up there and how, in Sept after my son and his family have moved to Kentucky, excited she is to live in the lower half of the house.  Terry says how much fun he and his friends/family have had tackling this project.  Hard work but fun. I'm thinking of starting a business there.  One that helps walk landlords thru this process.  Providing the muscle to move squatters out.  Providing before and after pictures to the landlord. Maybe a cleaning service. Providing a secondary source of income for some people back home whom I love very much. This is turning into a very good thing. 

Like the wallpaper, I should have just used super glue.  Like I would have done with the wallpaper, I've stressed and stewed about it, worked myself into a big lather over the past weeks and worked myself into this damn exacerbation. My own doing.  Trying to cover every angle.  Trying to cover all my bases.  Bases that weren't touched.  Bases not worth touching.

Today is Round 3 of infusions.  I hate getting the IV and I hate the way the infusion makes me feel.  Too tired to do anything and too cranked on the steroids to sleep or concentrate to read.  Crazy hungry and too nauseous to eat.  Eternally grateful for this treatment despite my whining.  It's been rough to go thru this all by myself but easier in a way too.  I'm glad Terry didn't see me like this.  He is back in AZ tomorrow and it should all be over.  As much as it is ever over.

Terry is reclaiming my house there in Illinois. 

I'm reclaiming my house here.  This garage is proving to be super glue for ME.


  1. Bloody hate tenants! I doubt if there is a nice one out there. glad it's all starting to fall in line for you. xo